Northwest Arkansas is home to some of the smartest and most inspiring entrepreneurs. We’re proud to feature a few of our female clients who are leading the way in business. We asked them to talk about the importance of being a woman in leadership in today’s climate. They each tell their stories of overcoming obstacles, hopes for the future and give advice for younger women coming up in the ranks.

Sr. Director Retail Category Strategy, Menasha

As more women are being impacted by our current COVID-19 environment, it is really important to be a supportive leader to your colleagues. Being able to recognize, empathize and support your team is critical to keeping all of the balls in the air that we are all juggling these days. Being compassionate is key to everyone’s success. I work hard to demonstrate compassion, while still getting the job done. Female leadership is inclusive, and we continue to develop the emotional intelligence to foster a successful, growth mindset for all.

Since I’ve been in the workforce for 30+ years, I’ve been very fortunate to have strong male mentorship, when there were few females available. Today, we have so many more opportunities to work with organizations, like NextUp (previously Network of Executive Women), that foster growth and development for female leaders. I’m very thankful to have been a member of this organization for many years in multiple chapters across the United States. One of the most significant changes that I’ve seen continues to be the growth of women supporting other women. As I continue to mentor several younger leaders, I always share thoughts to focus on skills, not personalities. It’s the skills that will set any leader apart from the pack, whether female or others. There is growing diversity in our workplace and that has a profound impact on leaders who can develop their leadership skills and apply them to solving problems efficiently, with purpose.

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