In our 2024 issue, we’re shining the light on some outstanding leading ladies for all their accomplishments and contributions to society.

SVP, Sales and Marketing, Shiloh Technologies

Cheryl Yarbrough is a native Northwest Arkansan and has pretty much lived here her whole life. She has been married to her amazing (and extremely patient) husband Brian for 6.5 years, and between them they have four extremely talented adult children, three of whom also live in NWA. She and Brian are “Paw” and “CeCe” to five grandchildren, whom they spoil way more than they ever did their kids. They are also parents to two “fur babies,” Rosie and Susie, whom they also spoil way more than their kids or grandkids.

B.S. Marketing, Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio
M.B.A. International Business, John Brown University in Siloam Springs

When did you know what you wanted to do?
I still don’t know what I want to do. But really, I have been fortunate my entire career to work for amazing companies and more specifically managers who have encouraged and challenged me to explore various interests, take on different roles, and engage in diverse experiences, and this has greatly contributed to my personal and professional growth. Today, I am fortunate to be in a position that provides me the opportunity to bring awareness of the opportunity for women in the area of technology, more broadly STEM. There is an opportunity to bring awareness, thought leadership and discussion around the opportunities and challenges surrounding the underrepresented in today’s technology workforce.

Best part of your job:
The best part of my job is undeniably the people, both my teammates and clients. Working with such talented and passionate individuals makes every day a rewarding experience. Having an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and a sense of camaraderie is truly invaluable to being satisfied in the work.

Quality you admire most in women:
Resilience. Women, throughout history and across cultures, have faced numerous challenges, obstacles and societal expectations. In the face of adversity, their ability to rebound, adapt and persevere is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Women who exhibit resilience often become catalysts for change.

What nonprofits are you involved with and why?
I am involved in a variety of ways serving many nonprofits in northwest Arkansas. I love to support nonprofits focused on creating brighter futures for women and children through education. Why I am involved is simple. I am involved because I have witnessed firsthand, through personal experience, the incredible impact these organizations can have in creating a sense of hope, belonging and meaningful change.

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?
I absolutely love exploring new places and diving into different cultures through travel. Brian and I are somewhat of “adventure vacationists” in that we tend to seek out more adventure than relaxation in our travel, like hiking volcanoes or going off the grid camping in Montana. It’s not just about the destinations; it’s about the unique experiences and stories that come with each adventure.

Biggest inspiration:
My biggest inspiration comes from everyday people who are making it work, facing life’s challenges with resilience and determination. I’m inspired by those who, despite the obstacles they encounter, manage to navigate through the complexities of life and find ways to succeed and thrive. I just LOVE a good underdog story.

Personal Mantra:
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Show up, show out and do something. I am very much an “action” person.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
Oh wow. I have received a lot of advice over the years and at different times there were different “bests.” Some that stick with me are:

“Failure is not the opposite of success but rather a stepping stone towards it. Use each setback as a valuable lesson, providing insights and experiences that success alone cannot offer.”

“Surround yourself with people who encourage you, challenge you and make you better.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for a seat at the table, and then to use your voice once you get it.”

Surprising fact about you:
When I worked for Dr Pepper, I partnered on the creation of a music collaboration project that made the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and Billboard Top 200 chart. I even have one of those framed “records” on the wall to prove it.

Thing you’re most proud of:
What I am most proud of is witnessing the success and kindness of my adult children. Seeing them grow into successful, compassionate individuals is such a source of joy. As a parent, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your children flourish and become individuals who not only achieve their goals but also make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Most used app on your phone:
I apparently don’t do much fun stuff on my phone. My most used apps are text and email. After that, it would be the social media and retail apps. So, I pretty much work and shop from my phone. I guess the app I most use outside of that would be Candy Crush. Other than the amusing diversion, there is simple satisfaction in seeing “level completed.” I am currently on level 1384.

If you won the lottery, what cause or organization would you support?
There is honestly no way I could pick just one. So since I have so much money with this lottery win, I will just spread the love a little wider and deeper.

You can view Cheryl’s page in the Leading Ladies segment of the 2024 3W Magazine here.