In our 2024 issue, we’re shining the light on some outstanding leading ladies for all their accomplishments and contributions to society.

President, Lynette Create and Innovate

Twilla Brooks grew up in southern California and loves all things associated with Los Angeles sports: LA Dodgers, LA Lakers, USC Trojans and the LA Rams. She has a bachelor’s degree in Law and Society with a minor in English and Black Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. She started her career in retail right out of college as an Executive Trainee. She worked at Macy’s and Robinsons-May before joining Walmart in its New York office almost 14 years ago. Twilla relocated to Northwest Arkansas in 2012. She was most recently the vice president of menswear on the US merchandising team. She left Walmart in February 2022 to create her own company working with small, diverse and women-owned businesses. Her goal is to give access to these companies that want to focus on creating business with mass retailers, specialty retailers and other small retailers. She also has partnered with TV personalities and other talent to explore talent management, strategy and influencers partnerships. Notable clients include Jenny and Dave Marrs, Bentonville Film Festival and ALB Vodka.

B.A. Law and Society with a minor in English and Black Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Have you stayed on a straight path to your career goal?
Yes and no. I spent most of my professional career in retail but have been very fortunate to experience so many elements of merchandising in buying, product development, brand management and sourcing. All helped lead me to where I am today.

Best part of your job:
The versatility and the people. The opportunity to learn so many new things and meet new people has always been a great job for me.

Quality you admire most in women:
Willingness to learn new things and not shy away from experiencing new things.

What nonprofits are you involved with and why?
Bentonville Film Festival mostly because it allows an opportunity to bring together diverse voices and is an advocate for giving access to women and people of color. American Heart Association is a passion of mine because heart disease is the largest cause of death in the black community. Lastly, I have been involved in the Women Empowerment Deck Committee for the last nine years in partnership with Walmart, LPGA and Kimberly-Clark. Our goal once again is to bring women together and give them access to new environments. The entire thread of my involvement is improving the lives of women and people of color in my community. It is what drives me.

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?
I love watching my favorite Los Angeles sports team in person and on TV. I live and breathe my love of the LA Dodgers. I also love to play golf, drink wine and cook.

Biggest inspiration:
My biggest inspiration is being able to be my authentic self every day. I am so grateful to have so many amazing mentors who have helped shape my career and helped me grow personally and professionally.

Personal Mantra:
Song title “Live More & Love More” by Cat Burns. We have all been through the ringer over the last few years. I have learned so much about myself, my family, my community and how I want to be thought of. My goal is to live out every moment like it is my last because life is too short.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
Be willing to try new things. You never know how it will shape you.

Surprising fact about you:
I am OK just sitting still for a minute. Enjoying a Chai on the deck and just being silent. Taking a moment to breathe and reflect is important.

Thing you’re most proud of:
I am most proud of making choices that some people wouldn’t. Leaving an environment where my life, career and family were set up nicely and stepping away to try new things. Knowing that it may not work out but at least I tried.

Most used app on your phone:
Instagram, LA Dodgers app and a tie between ESPN and LinkedIn

You can view Twilla’s page in the Leading Ladies segment of the 2024 3W Magazine here.